Home Automation

Home Automation is very cool! We love to automate our homes and yours. We can automate anything you can think of. What if when you leave your home  all the lights are turned off, the HVAC is set to energy save mode, your doors are locked, and the garage door is closed. This is very easy for G2 Tech Solutions to do for you. Call  832-549-5770 or Click Contact Us today.

Home Theater – Imagine pressing one button and having your window blinds close, lights dim, HVAC cool the room, turn on all of your AV components for the perfect movie experience.Home-Automation

Lighting – We can setup your home so your outside lights come on at dusk and go off at daylight and have random lights come on and off while your not at home to make it look like someone is at home.

HVAC Systems – HVAC uses up to 30% of your power bill each month. We can reduce that by not cooling/ heating rooms you are not in, are not using, or when you’re not at home.

Door Locks – What peace of mind you will have when you use your smart phone to check to see if the doors are locked when you leave your home or get a text message that your kids are home from school with a picture from your security cameras.

Sprinklers – Why waste watering your yard unless it has not rained in a few days. This is very possible with our home automation solutions.


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